Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween Graphing Game

Here's a fun and educational way to use those Halloween foam shape stickers that you can get in the dollar aisles or at craft stores around Halloween time.

I used white construction paper to make a graph and placed a different Halloween sticker in each column. If you want the graph to be more durable I would suggest using tag board paper instead but for our needs the construction paper worked fine.

Next we used index cards cut up into small rectangles and placed one sticker on each card. I chose to put the stickers on cards as opposed to having my girls stick on the stickers to the graph so that we can use this activity/game multiple times.

I also made cards with the terms Most, Least, Same so the girls can use these comparative words once they complete the graph.

Before the girls started the graph I grouped the stickers cards together so that once they were done graphing they would each have a column that had the most, least and two that were the same.

Again, what's great about having the stickers on cards is that each time you play you can group them together differently so that the outcome is never the same, making it more challenging and keeping it interesting for the kids.

Now the fun part, graphing time!

Once they were done I asked them to count each category and write the corresponding number under each column. This is a great way to include writing and number skills into this activity!

Finally, I asked them to tell me which column had the most, least and which two were the same. They then placed the comparative word under the corresponding column.

There you have a Halloween graphing game using not only graphing skills but counting, number writing, and comparison words as well!  Now you can switch it up and do it over again and again!

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Fine Motor Fun: Pipe Cleaner Spider Web

I surprised the girls with this fun little set up after quiet time today. 

What I love about this Halloween project is that not only is it a cute little craft but it's a great way to practice those fine motor skills. 

The materials used: 
- Silver and white pipe cleaners cut up into various lengths. 
- Glue
- Black construction paper
-White crayons 
- Foam spider stickers 

I drew the spider web shape onto the black paper ahead of time. When the girls arrived I demonstrated how to line up the pipe cleaners to the spider web and glue them on. I also explained that there are various sizes to fit the small, medium and large lines. 

My 3 year old enjoyed lining up the outside of the spider web. 

My 5 year old started off lining the outside and then quickly made her way to the inside as well. 

It takes some strength to press down on the pipe cleaners and hold them in place with the glue. The girls didn't know it but they were hard at work practicing fine motor skills! 

I let them tell me when they were done and since it took awhile to hold each pipe cleaner in place neither of them filled up the entire web or even came close. We like to encourage the process NOT the product so that was just fine! :) 

Next they placed these cute adorable spider foam stickers (purchased from Michaels) on their spider webs and they were done. 

*We all know that not everything turns out as planned and even with lots of glue some of the pipe cleaners were not sticking. I waited until they were dry and the ones that didn't stick I placed a small piece of clear scotch tape over them and that seemed to do the trick. Upon reflection this probably would work better with yarn. 

There you have our fine motor fun with a Halloween spider web!

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