Friday, June 1, 2012

Butterfly Books and Kids Co-op


 We recently wrapped up our butterfly garden study by setting our butterflies free. During our exploration of butterflies we had fun with these butterfly books and I thought I would share as some of them aren't overly popular.

 1. Butterflies Fly by Yvonne Winer- This book is more poetic than storyline based but I like that they feature many different types of butterflies from all around the world.  The illustrations are captivating as my girls adored looking at the pictures.  Although it's poetic I also like how they tell you facts about each butterfly featured.  There's also a butterfly identification guide at the end of the book which my 3 year old really enjoyed!

2. The Butterfly Alphabet by K Jell B. Sandved- The author photographed all the letters of the alphabet in butterfly wings (over a 25 year period!) On one side of the page you will find the butterfly and the other page you will find the letter in a full close up of the wing.  The photographs are fascinating and really can be enjoyed by all ages!  It has a simple rhyming text with each letter/page that appeals to younger children.

3. From Caterpillar to Butterfly by Deborah Heiligman- This book was perfect to read as an introduction to any butterfly unit/study. In our case we read this book the day our butterfly garden arrived.
It takes you through the entire metamorphosis process but is written in fun easy to understand way for preschoolers or kindergarteners. It's part of the Let's Read and Find Out Science series of books which are all wonderful!

4. Waiting For Wings by Lois Ehlert- This ones probably more popular as the it's by a famous author Lois Ehlert. In Lois Ehlert fashion the illustrations are beautiful and the text is simple and rhyming.  The books demonstrates the life cycle of four common butterflies. This book will be loved by any preschooler!!

5. A Butterfly is Patient by Diana Hutts Aston- This book has gorgeous illustrations!  The text is fairly long and may not be conducive for a young child to sit through but it's worth it to at least look at the pictures together and discuss the different types of butterflies. It's filled with a lot of information about butterflies and would be the perfect butterfly book to grow with your young child!

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