Friday, February 24, 2012

Kids Co-op

Welcome to the Kids Co-op!! We're teaming up with even more blogs to find the greatest educational activities out there! We are asking our readers to contribute to these great finds. Did you find great educational activities on Pinterest this week? Perhaps you'd like to share an idea from your own blog? We'd love to see your treasured finds!

I'll share with you one of my finds on Pinterest this week from Rainbows Within Reach  I love this collection of Reggio Emilia photos. As a former teacher on a Reggio Emilia classroom I am drawn to the beautiful art work that these children created.  Notice- they all look different, they use real natural materials as much as possible, and it's open ended- no right or wrong.

Check out this wonderful blog for more on The Reggio Emilia Approach:

Let's see your great educational finds this week and add them to the weekly Kids Co-op!

How to Participate

1. Grap the url from your activity.
2. Add your find to the collection below by clicking the blue add your link button.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

What are Fridge Worthy Fridays?

I have very recently discovered the joys and addiction of a little sight called Pinterest!

The wealth of information provided on this site is amazing and inspiring! There really are so many wonderful ideas including some incredible early childhood education activities and finds!

I am excited to be partnering with Let's Lasso The Moon for a weekly collection of Fridge Worthy Fridays. We're looking for you to share your favorite educational finds from Pinterest.  The ones that you are "oh so" proud to have found you would hang on your fridge!

Let's Lasso The Moon launched this collection last Friday so be sure to head on over there to check out the top 3 great finds from last week!!  You won't want to miss this one stop shop for all the educational Pinterest gems discovered!  You have until Wednesday to add your pin for this weeks link up.

How to Participate:
  • Go to your Pinterest boards and grab your favorite kids activity pin. 
  • Click the image on your pin once to open the pin itself and click the image again to open the actual site it was pinned from.
  • Grab the url from the site page and share.             
How to Add your link to the Fridge Worthy Friday Collection:
  • Click on the small "Add your link" below and paste in the website url you want to showcase.
  • Type in a short description, name of activity, or type of project.
  • Select an image and you're finished!                                            

Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine Heart Art Project

Our first Valentine's Day project this season!

Materials- Valentine's Day tissue paper
                 -liquid starch
                 -small paint brushes
                 -white tag board paper

I pre-cut heart shapes out of the tissue paper.  It would have been too hard for my 3 year old to cut the hearts but if you have a child who is capable it might be fun to have them help with the cutting.


The liquid starch was poured into bowls to be used to paint over the tissue paper hearts. I had my 3 year old arrange the hearts the way she wanted on the paper and then she painted over them. The liquid starch sticks to the tissue paper and works sort of like glue to keep it on the paper!



These are my favorite type of art projects where you can focus on the process NOT the product! There is no "right" way to arrange the hearts. It's all about letting the kids use their creativity to do it how they see fit!



This would be a great project to frame and place as a decoration when completed!!

Somewhat Simple